Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gonna start updating

Over the coming weeks, I am going to upgrade and unify the look of my pages and blogs from each being different in style and appearance to establishing my 'business brand'. The first step I'm going to need to take is to create a banner that I will be happy with, instead of using the generic designs that come with Blogger.

Once I have a decent banner, I'll then begin making changes to each of my blogs. I need to complete this as soon as I can, because my (jobsearch training in particular) business is starting to gain momentum, and, with an increasing amount of my time now being directed towards earning income, keeping business records and completing small business management training, I want to upgrade my blogs' looks so I can continue writing articles and posts - especially for my Job Training and Reviewing blogs.

I will be a bit quiet on this my personal blog for a while, but rest assured that over the next three months I will still be 'writing, writing, writing,' and loving every minute of it!

My novel is on a temporary back-burner again, but I'm not upset by this; once my business is firmly established and generating enough income, I will hire a part time or casual staff member to act as my personal assistant and admin to free me up so I have personal free time again.

I'm feeling so excited about what is ahead for me in 2014.  I'm hoping it will be one of the best years I've ever had!

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