Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The last 100m...

In June, I set out writing the first draft of my non-fiction manuscript.  I felt that my final word count would be around the 80,000 to 85,000 word range (though, with only one full novel manuscript behind me, it was still more like just a stab in the dark amount to aim for rather than a proper guess at what the word count would be).

Well, now, just short of two months later, after working on the manuscript close to every single day, my word count has now grown to a couple of hundred words short of 70,000 words.  And, with what I know I still need to write, I'm thinking I did a very good job with that original estimation!

I feel as though I am a track and field athlete. A runner who is running a 400 metre race. I got off to a strong start but now, as I approach the last bend in the track, where the finish line will soon come into sight, I'm tired and energy depleted and am looking to draw upon my reserves to give it my all, to hold my winning position, and bring it all the way cross the line.

I can hear the crowd in the stands cheering, urging me on.  Now, I can feel that burst of energy starting to kick in, right as I want and need it...

Wish me luck... I want to see that finish line any minute now!  It will help. Greatly.