Sunday, January 05, 2014

Allowing my mind to wander

Even though I get eczema, I have recently started washing up the dishes by hand again rather than using my dishwasher because I find it relaxing and it gives me time to let my mind wander. I've semi given up on novel writing at the moment because having started up my own business I need to spend more of my free time on building up my business.  I have the novel's storyline clear in my head, and have a master outline recorded electronically (yWriter is FANTASTIC!) so now I can put the project on hold for a while knowing I will be able to pick up where I left off when I do get the time in the future. I'm still 'keen' on the project, even after five years, but I have other priorities at the moment.

I still love writing (I am not abandoning this in the slightest) and this has proven itself to me over the past year where I have spent a great deal of my time novel writing and blogging.  I'm really loving blogging though, probably because you can write in small bursts and the post is done, whereas with novels you are only chipping away s s l o ow l l y at a larger project.  I'm thinking the smaller projects end up making me feel more successful for having achieved completion, so I am more encouraged to do another one, and another one to keep this positive feeling alive. So, I intend keeping my 'writing muscle' strong and healthy by continuing to write blog posts for this and my other blogs.

Anyway, allowing my mind to wander has given me opportunity to come up with ideas for blog posts and given me ideas for my business; ideas that just don't come to me when I busily doing other things.

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