Monday, January 13, 2014

Message from the Traveller: I don't want to scare anyone, but...

So my daughter who is travelling overseas decided to scare me 'just a little bit' by letting me know that she had a fall and has probably broken her arm.  The possible breaking a bone wasn't the worrying bit, it was her messaging to say that she refused to go hospital in the ambulance.

I can't rant and rant my motherly concerns to Miss Independent, so I'm going to have let loose here: What!

Your fall was severe enough for people to call an ambulance?

The ambulance officers wanted to take you to hospital?

You refused? Why????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Goodness, chil--woman! If you think your arm is broken, why the *bleep* are you not getting your arm x-rayed and getting necessary treatment?

Are you able to wiggle your fingers, move your elbow?  Can you at least go and see a doctor about it?

You do have travel insurance, don't you?

Seriously... are you really having that great a time on your tour that you are willing to ignore/tolerate the pain so you don't miss a second of it?

And my children wonder why I'm going grey!

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