Thursday, November 07, 2013

Using the Internet to do research for my WIP

I love the internet.

Here I am, working on my novel, reaching my NaNo goal to work on my novel every single day during November, when I get stuck about something I need to do research on, so I can use the correct terminology in my story.

I fire up my browser, type into the search box (because I smartly have Google search engine set as my default homepage) and a few seconds later, within the first ten results I have the answer to my search criteria, "parts of a key."

Before the era and delights of using the Internet, I would have had to visit my local library, and probably get one of the staff members assistance to try and find the answer to question plaguing me. I could easily get distracted and caught up in other bits of trivia - whether relevant or irrelevant to the current storyline as I scourge the many books and resources seeking an answer.

With the exception that I stopped by to acknowledge how quick and easily I found the answer to my question by firing up a program on my computer, I am able to return to my work in progress and get straight back into it.

New word count (and not yet finished for the night): 7705 - manuscript, story notes still the same at 6302.

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