Wednesday, November 06, 2013

NoNoWriMo Progress: Day 5 and making progress

I'm feeling rather proud of myself for how I am sticking to my NaNoWriMo goal to write each day. My novel manuscript is currently at 7256 words, and my Story Notes file that I have sitting open next to the manuscript, which I use to record ideas and reminders to help me progress the story in the direction where I want to head it, has increased to 6302 words.

And yesterday's significantly doubled word counts came despite my having broken my glasses for which I am totally reliant upon.  I had my daughter drive me to the optometrist so I could initiate emergency repairs, and while I was there, had another eye test.  Being thorough and needing to check that my diabetes hasn't caused damage to the blood vessels at the back of my eyes, the optometrist put drops in to dilate my pupils, which left me sensitive to light for the next few hours. Do you know how hard it is to see through watery eyes? 

I couldn't read, I couldn't do much housework because I kept bumping into things, and for a while there I worried I wasn't going to be able to add even a single word to my word count, thus ruining me reaching the simplest of goals to write each day on Day 5!

But, as hard work would have it; I am a touch typist. And, seeing as my task did not involve transcribing, I happily let those pupil dilating drops wear off by closing my eyes and just letting the words running around my head be typed into my manuscript and story note documents.  It helps that Microsoft Word allows you to Zoom the text, so I enlarged the text so when i really had to I could open my eyes again and make sure that I had typed coherently because I had correctly positioned my fingers over the keyboard.

And today, bright and early I am back working on my novel - the one I have been 'brewing' in my mind and on paper and electronic file for about five years now - re-enthused because the project is going the best i ever has.  Maybe I have found the key to overcoming writer's block - committing to working on it every single day even if I only add one word, or maybe I finally have the story starting point right.  All I know is that I am back loving working on the story that I would love to read and want to get out of my head and finish - and floods of refreshed ideas are coming to me. To the point I can't keep up!

Anyway, I'm outta here - I want to try and finish this chapter off, on its natural cliffhanging moment!

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