Sunday, November 10, 2013

NaNo progress: Day 10

I wish my creative abilities included being able to draw more than just stick figure drawings.

I like creating visuals to help me 'see' the world I am writing about in clearer details.  I just managed though to draw a rough image of the apartment my main character is living in, so the details can be accurately and consistently described within my story as she moves about inside (when she is home), but it would be so much nicer (for me anyway) if I had the ability to draw because then I would be drawing scenes and characters as much as I write about them, and if ever published one day I could do what J.K. Rowling did, and release some of the images that I generated about my story. But regrettably, I don't possess that skill so I have to make do with inept stick drawings which is the best I can manage.

NaNo progress: Day 10.  Have so far stuck to my goal of working on my novel every single day. Manuscript currently stands at 10,038 (following me last night ruthless chopping about 500 verbose wording to tighten the story pace), and my Story Notes file has increased slightly to 6,579 words (this doesn't include notes scribbled into my spiral notebook); so clearly I am averaging around 1,000 words per day, and if I continue to achieve this, the "Beginning" of my novel will be completed by the time NoNo winds up. 

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