Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Recommended Writer's Resource

Need help with writing your novel? I am more than happy to recommend writing mentor Jim Parsons of 'My Novel' Writing course Facebook page and Novel Writing Course website.

I found Jim on Facebook eighteen months to 2 years back, and never miss reading his frequently posted tips as a writer and editor that help clarify similar words and their meaning and how to use punctuation correctly. I later subscribed to his monthly newsletter.

Jim has read the opening scene of one of my novel manuscripts and provided feedback that I cannot thank him enough for giving; and, has responded to questions I have posed on his page that have resolved the issue I was having within my story, including another one today which has been most helpful.

I fully intend utilising Mr Parson's Mentoring service once my novel manuscript is done (and self-edited) to aid me in my goal of aspiring to get the story traditionally published.

You can check out his Facebook page by clicking here,  and can find his website here.

And once again, thank you Mr Parsons!


  1. Char, I was staggered to find this unsolicited testimonial [and I stress 'unsolicited', readers!] for my writing course and mentoring on your blog site. Thank you so much for your kind words. As a thank you, I would like to offer you the first three planning/plotting sessions of my mentoring service (essential preparatory questionnaires before I move to chapter-by-chapter mentoring) as a gift. They would normally cost $30 each. These three sessions ensure that you have a good understanding of your core novel concept, strong characterisation and character motivation, and a plot arc of rising tension. Module 3 also looks at the structure of your sub-plots. It's a check to see that your novel has all the bits and bobs it should have. I would be happy to have you evaluate the mentoring experience on your blogsite. Again, many thanks, Jim Parsons

    1. Wow, thank you Jim!

      When you find a good resource, let the world know about it; and that's what I did. Now, I'd better get a hurry on with writing my novel so I can take up this wonderful offer!