Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Oh dear,  I've let myself become distracted from my novel writing today.

I started off re-reading my manuscript so far, and wasn't quite sure I had all the elements needed for the scene included, so grabbed one of my writing tips resource folders for Self-Editing and Proofreading, and flipped to a checklist that I created for myself when I wrote the first manuscript I finished a few years ago.

That got me to thinking that other writer's would probably find the checklist quite useful, and being NaNoWriMo month, it would be a great time for me to create an 'infographic' so that NaNo'ers could use it. This of course then lead me to research programs with which to create an infographic (which I've never made before), which lead me to downloading an awesome vector graphic program called Inkspace, which lead me to freak out and think that the program is just as difficult to use as Photoshop which I never understood, which in turn lead me to discover the program's tutorials - which I have now watched all that are included with the program and then head back to the website to view the ones that weren't included.

I've always wished I had the talent to draw pictures... and maybe, after having viewed a number of the tutorials to have learned how most images are just extensions of basic shapes, I might be able to create electronic images! Although a distraction to my writing progress, I'm pleased I found Inkspace and am keen to explore other parts to my creative side.


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