Thursday, November 14, 2013

NaNo Progress: Day 14

I am feeling very excited about the progress of my novel - I'm a day off being halfway through NaNo, and as of this evening my word count has reached 15,200, which is Chapters One, Two and Three completed to my liking!

And that, is after I just brutally chopped 1216 words out of Chapter Two.

I know for some authors NaNo is about getting the words down, turning off the inner editor and coming back to do the rewriting and editing later - but I just don't work that way. I need to keep rereading my own story and like what I am reading, tweaking the words and sentences as I read through so I get into the zone so I can add more.

I often hear my characters conversations, so I try to capture it as quickly as I can, and then try to add their actions and other details later, when it seems like a good spot to insert it. I seem to work in lots of two or three chapters and need to get that right before I can progress with the rest of the story - even when I know where the story is heading.

I'm a long way from finished telling this tale - but at the moment I have the ideas, enthusiasm and momentum to get pressing forward.  But boy is my housework suffering!

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