Sunday, August 25, 2013

Product Review: Sunrider SunSmile Fruit & Vegetable Rinse

When you buy fresh fruit and vegetables from the supermarket or produce market, you sort of assume that because you are buying fresh food you have no 'processing' or 'manufacturing' to worry about.

But most of the fruit and vegetables that we buy are smothered in dried chemicals to preserve their shelf life.  So, even the most healthiest eater who purchases organic fruit and vegetables and avoids processed foods is still consuming large quantities of potentially harmful chemicals within their diet.

None of this was important to me until I tried Sunrider SunSmile Fruit and Vegetable Rinse.

I had been purchasing Sunrider products for a few months, and when I could, I would try out products I hadn't tried before.  One day, I came across the rinse, and decided to purchase a small 'sample' bottle. I was on a health kick earlier this year, eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and avoiding processed and convenience foods, so I was testing the rinse not really believing - or probably more accurately, not really fully understanding - the need for me to rinse my fruit and vegetables prior to cooking and eating with any but water as I had always done.

The day my order arrived I had just bought fresh broccoli and a punnet of strawberries, and excited by having a new product to test, I wasted no time to snip a portion of the broccoli and rinse it in a solution of my new Fruit and Vegetable Rinse.

The broccoli was a deep green, with a slight milky haze over it.  But after I had dipped and swished the broccoli portion in the bowl for a few seconds and then removed it, the broccoli's colour change was immediately noticeable.  It was now a vibrant deep green, and all traces of the milky haze had disappeared. I rested the cleaned broccoli on some paper towel for it to dry off, and the colour never faded.  And I have to admit, it went from looking drab and un-appetising to being vibrant and definitely what I was going to cook as part of dinner tonight!

The now empty bowl contained little bits of dirt and fallen off miniscule bits of broccoli but was otherwise still the way it had been before I had dunked the broccoli into the SunSmile Fruit and Vegetable Rinse, so, having secret fun cleaning my vegetable from its former non-visible impurities I pulled the carrots out of the vegetable basket, and decided to see if the carrots would come up looking cleaner and the colour more vibrant.  And bingo, the carrots transformed with renewed life too.

In my bowl, I next cleaned a tomato and a couple of apples.  Each time, the bowl ended up with more bits of dirt and the water was starting to go milky but the fruit and vegetables came out looking brighter, fresher and more vibrant than before its bath.

I wish I had of taken photo's of my experience - but I was just out impressing myself not worried about sharing this amazing product with other people.  The benefits of removing all the harsh chemicals off my food before I cook and eat them became immediately apparent to me that day, and I have been a regular rinser of my fruit and vegetables since that day. I guess, when I next buy fresh fruit and vegetables, I could always take before and after photo's and update this post to give you a visual of how much hidden dangers are removed just by using this one product.

Information from Sunrider:
  • Thoroughly cleans produce in just minutes-even herbs and other delicate produce.
  • Uses edible, biodegradable cleansers made from cornstarch and coconut oil.
  • So concentrated, just one capful is needed per gallon of water.
  • Enjoy healthier, cleaner produce the way nature intended.

The product comes in two sizes

- a 1 fl. oz 'tester' bottle, which I highly recommend you try

- and an economy 16 fl. oz bottle, which is what you'll end up going back for.

Happy Fruit and Vege Rinsing!

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