Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Blog

Sorry I have been really quiet on the blog post front over the last two months. I became inundated with work which was not good for my health in the slightest. I have now finished up with that last employer and after spending two days at home catching up on sleep and housework, I am feeling rather revitalised, and have embarked on the journey of working for myself again doing what I love: teaching and inspiring jobseekers and encouraging people to gain necessary skills.

I'm pleased to report that I am already starting to pick up contract work as a Typist, Resume Writer and Contract Vocational Trainer.

The most page views on this website have been in relation to my book and product reviews, and any time I relate things to Harry Potter.  But the pages that are most returned to are the ones where I share my knowledge and insights for job seekers.  And this got me thinking...

I've accumulated a lot of valuable knowledge about resumes and job searching over the last ten years, so, I decided to create a blog which I have entitled Char Mesan Job Coaching to help people with their job search.  Let's face it, people will always be looking for work at some point in their lives, and not being experts, often make all manner of mistakes trying to figure things out on their own - many times getting things wrong which stops them gaining work.  I've only just created the blog yesterday, and some of its pages are still under construction, but if you want to check it out, you can find the blog here.

Update 25 August 2013.  I have just written my first real post for the Char Mesan Job Coaching blog.  You can check out my post "3 Application Mistakes Job Seekers must avoid".

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