Sunday, July 28, 2013

Other people don't always know best

I resigned from my job.

Normally, I would (like most well meaning people) advise that it is best to stay in the job and leave to go to another job rather than resign with no job to go to.

But a week and a half a go, I couldn't take the negativity of such a toxic environment any longer, I decided to put my health and well being before anything else, and to great criticism resigned from my role as overworked Employment Consultant with no alternative job to go to.

There was a number of considerations that went into my decision before I decided to act: I spoke with each of my children and gained their support. (Each of their reactions, although different from one another, supported me: my son, simply stated that it would be nice to see me happy and unstressed which he hasn't seen in a while 'you know, have my real mum back again'; my middle daughter, in perfect imitation of the advice I would normally give just said 'have you really thought this through, mum?  It's easier to find another job when you already have one'; and my baby daughter, sucked in her breath when I told her out of concern but an hour later came up to me and said 'August would be a good time mum, seeing as I'm going away with dad and all, so the only person really effected would be yourself.') I considered the type of work I could apply for, and know that I will do what many of my job seekers are not prepared to do: go out and face to face market myself to employers and accept any sort of work for which I am capable in order to gain employment quickly. I am also already prepared: I know my skill set and have my resume already up to date, and have interview clothing already purchased and set aside, so I can make a neat, good appearance.

The relief I have gained just by resigning has been paramount, and I still have another two and a half weeks before I actually finish up, because I had to provide four weeks notice.

One of the things I am looking forward to most, is that when I am not job searching, I will be able to spend a bit of time doing what I love: working on my novel.  Who knows, I might even be able to work for myself -  I have a few ideas to think about.

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