Saturday, March 02, 2013

Posts Recap


I just wanted to recap on the posts I have published since I started my blogspot almost two months ago; I've been a busy little Vegemite! 

(NB, the phrase 'busy little Vegemite' is a favourite Aussie expression, incorporating our love of the sandwich spread Kraft Vegemite, with young Aussie's who adore this (to non-Aussie's) strange tasting favourite - you can view the product here). 

According to the stats that come with having a Blogger account, my reviews of Sunrider products has been the most popular posts to date, so I will start with that.

Sunrider Product Reviews
I have so far written four Sunrider product reviews, and have a few more planned which I will try to post during March.  In case you have missed any, these are the posts so far:

  • Sunrider Sunbreeze Oil - can been read here
  • Sunrider Fortune Delight and Calli tea - can be read here
  • Sunrider VitaDelight - can be read here. (Although I don't mention Sunrider VitaDelight directly, you may like to read my post "Overcoming the problem of skipping breakfast" as the solution I talk about in this is VitaDelight - you can read this supporting post here )
  • Sunrider Everygreen - can be read here

Book Reviews
  • I wrote about Caitlyn Duffy's Treadwell series - here.
  • (I will be post a review some time early this month about Caroline Mickelson's "Witch Weigh" book, which I have just finished reading - which will be available here once completed)

Novel Writing
The reason behind why I started my Blog in the first place is because I am an aspiring novelist.  I have written a couple of posts relating to novel writing

  • How I got started - can be read here
  • What I love about Writing - can be read here
  • Write what you love to read - can be read here
  • (Re)Learning to Touch Type - can be read here
  • Ebook WIP - can be read here
  • The Seven Potters - can be read here
  • Short Story - can be read here
  • Build-a-story game - can be played here
  • Vote for me, please! - can be read here
  • Tiny Thrill - can be read here

I am a full time Employment Consultant, who specializes in training, coaching and mentoring job seekers to overcome their barriers to gain suitable and sustainable ongoing employment.  I have submitted the following jobsearch related posts:

  • Resume and Cover Letter - Good Impression - can be read here
  • Find-a-Word game - can be played here
  • Application Basics - can be read here
I have posted two of my favourite recipes that you may like to try:

  • Yummy low calorie dessert for dieters - can be read here
  • Onion tartlets - can be read here
I have also written the following posts that do not belong to any of the above categories:

  • Belated New Year's Resolution - can be read here
  • Gotta Love Kindle books - can be read here
  • Random Interruptous - can be read here
  • Strange Rain - can be read here
  • Reformed Smoker rant - can be read here

To everyone who has visited my posts so far - Thank you!  I hope you are enjoying my posts.  Feel free to comment and find me on Google+ and Facebook.

And remember, I would love your help to win my local Writing Centre "New Blog" award, so, please, please, please, if you haven't already done so: Vote for me, please! - can do that right here

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