Sunday, March 03, 2013

It's MY writing desk!

I need a bigger house, or something.

Am going antsy at the moment.  The other weekend I cleaned up my study so I had a dedicated place to write. I even bought a whiteboard and mounted it on the wall once all the rubbish and junk had been cleared away. But now, I haven't been able to get in there to use my computer - because my son has firmly parked his butt upon my writing chair! (Which he has stopped stealing to take into his room, but for which he still believes if he uses the chair often enough it is ours, not mine!)

We've argued, of course, about which one of us gets MY writing spot; for some reason, he seems to think doing his Uni assignments makes it that he should get preference over me (ha! nice try, son), and is therefore ignoring my claim that it is my house, my study, and my writing spot so therefore HE should find somewhere else to write. He has a desk in his room, if he would just clean it up like I did the study. Shut up, son: they don't need to know I have a round table in my bedroom I could write at too. 

In my best whiny voice: Just give me back my writing spot!.

It's all been in fun, really, though (our arguing).  We both have laptops! 

We can both do our assignments and projects from the comfort of anywhere in the house if we really wanted to. 

It's just I have a typist stand, my stack of writing resources including my well-thumbed Macquarie Dictionary, and plenty of desk space with which to work in my study, hence my determination to get it cleaned back up a few weekends ago. Not to mention the whiteboard, the corkboard and the wall mounted lamp so you have enough light but can stay up late and not disturb others in the household by having really bright light filtering into the bedrooms of persons trying to sleep.

So naturally, with everything we both want at the L-shaped desk, we are going to fight each other (en garde!), just like we started fighting over the car spot in the driveway when he first got a car and license and started stealing MY spot (a fight that I continue to lose to him more often than I gain a win on).

When you find a great writing spot, claim it. No, not you, son, I'm talking to my readers here, giving them good advice. Now where was I, oh yeah: Just make sure no one else in your household is going to try to lay claim to that space at the same time as you though, or you too will have to write from sitting on the lounge because, dammit, you haven't learned how to win an argument against such a determined and stubborn son.

Give me back my writing spot!

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