Friday, March 01, 2013

Tiny Thrill

When I first started my blog nearing two months ago now, I never for the life of me gave much more thought than simply committing to my writing, in the hope that it will be seen and read. But now that I am more knowledgeable about how to do things, I am gaining enjoyment on more levels than I could have believed possible.

The biggest part of the fun in publishing posts for me, surprisingly, has been to see where those readers have come from.  Each time I see a new country appearing in the stats, I gain a tiny thrill of excitement. It makes my day.

On the one hand, I know I am publishing to the Internet, and that the Internet is accessed by people all around the world, but on the other hand, I absolutely delight in seeing the list of different countries grow.  To date, I have now had people from (in no particular order): America, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Spain, Indonesia, Netherlands, Egypt, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Jamaica, Portugal, Singapore, France, Hungary and Italy.  Nineteen different countries, and still gaining the occasional new surprise and delight!

Whether those people have stopped to fully read my posts, or stumbled across my page only to move on immediately, I appreciate every single viewer - especially those that are reading my posts, and return visiting.

I wish I knew how to say 'hello' in each of the Non-English languages.  Here in Australia, most people generally tend to say 'G'day' (short for Good Day) as our friendliest form of greeting.

So if you are reading this: G'day!

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