Sunday, April 21, 2013

No more Mum's taxi = increased writing time - wanting to sleep in

Oh dear.  I'm feeling a bit obsolete.  My youngest daughter successfully obtained her driver's licence on Friday, and as much as I am super proud of her, her now being able to run herself all over town to meet up with friends, get herself to work and back, even to pop into the shops to buy something has left me feeling -- wait -- with increased writing time! (Yes, I was going to say, feeling a bit lost for things to do, but I just realised I've written more this weekend than I have in ages because I'm not behind the steering wheel.  This post WAS going to be all about my sense of loss, and instead, I've just struck upon what I have gained!).

I have worked out that I write in creative bursts, and then my inner editor and critic come out to play even if I don't want them to.  They make me fix up what they aren't liking, and then once they are satisfied (however temporarily) they then allow my inner writer to come out to play again, and I can move forward with the storyline.

So, despite my previous post last week, I am still refining the last bit of Chapter One for my current manuscript.  Taking away all the text that is in my manuscript that will now appear later or has yet to be deleted permanently, I so far have a chapter that is ending on a hook at 4780 words even though the manuscript indicates I have completed 13,742 words, and I will be able to pick up the scene in Chapter Two and move strongly and purposely forward in the storyline with the scene and then move to the next one which I have previously mentioned I am looking forward to writing.

But focusing on only what I want to achieve with Chapter One, even though more of my manuscript is not making its way into existence as a crappy first draft, I am still getting the 'must haves' and some 'foreshadowing' as well as a couple of 'curiosities' to compel reading into the storyline, and coming up with previously unimagined conflicts for my character to deal with, that I just would not have thought of if I flew down my thoughts to speed towards the finish line.

I don't think I have ever remained as strongly enthusiastic for a writing project as I am with this one because of how happy I am with how it is turning out.  My words are coming out stronger than previous attempts.

I have been making the most of having had to get up early in order to drive my daughter to the train station each weekday for the past six to eight weeks, now that that I'm freed from that responsibility, I'm going to have to really push myself to jump out of my warm and cozy bed on a chilly morning half an hour earlier than I need to just so I can continue to gain twenty minutes to half an hour of writing time before I head off for work. 


Ahh, the dilemma, and internal conflict!

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