Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jobsearch: Video job interviewing, and salary negotiations

I've always considered myself a bit of a technology nerd because of my love of working with computers, but today I had a 'first': I had a job interview carried out via video conferencing from my home office to the hiring manager's home office.

And it was fun, even if viewing a pixellated hiring manager threw me off or caused me the giggles some times.

But what an interesting and convenient way for two busy parties to meet.  I'm limited to having to take a sick day in order to attend a face to face interview, or trying to negotiate them agreeing to meet me outside business hours.  Well, the last one sort of came true, I did interview on a Saturday afternoon for a weekday only industry.  And dressed casually, and in the comfort of my own home, provided that little bit more confidence and self-security that is usually taken away when faced with having to meet unfamiliar people in unfamiliar locations.

I've learned that I will be offered a job; but the decision to be discussed with the management team will be which position they have available at which location, and how soon they would like me to start.  Oh, at a decent increase to my income too.

Normally I would advise clients to avoid having salary conversations in the initial interview, unless directly asked, but with how comfortable the conversation was flowing, and being asked direct questions on the topic, I had no hesitation in disclosing that I feel that I am being underpaid for the type of expertise needed and experience I have; and it was so great to have the interviewer agree and immediately discuss that when I receive my official offer of employment it should be somewhere between three to five thousand dollars immediately more than I am currently on, and possibly more if he can negotiate it.

So I am able to see a light at the end of the very dark tunnel I currently find myself in.

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