Thursday, March 14, 2013

Product Review: Sunrider NuPuffs

So far, I have only written Sunrider product reviews for the products that I love.  Well, today, I'm going to give a balanced view and share with you how disgusting I found Sunrider NuPuffs.

Sunrider Australia, who I usually order my Sunrider products from, does not sell the company's full range of products.  So, whenever I discover in the company's newsletter that other products exists, I had to resort to ordering them online via other resources.

Now, I have absolutely no problem with the business that I order my non-available-in-Australia products from.  The website owners are just Sunrider consultants trying to earn a living selling Sunrider products online (and are doing a great job!).  And I am grateful that I have found them, because without the husband and wife team (and Sunrider website), I wouldn't be enjoying as many Sunrider products as I now am.

Until recently when my financial situation became a little on the tough side so I had to cut back on all luxury items, I was a regular consumer (since April 2012) of Sunrider Foods and Beverages.  I drink VitaDelight in Oat milk for breakfast most mornings, I sip on hot or cold Peach Fortune Delight throughout the day, or Calli Mint, and when I could afford it, I used to add the very expensive (for me, but well worth it) Sunrider Quinary to my VitaDelight - so each day, I was drinking products that cleanse, nourish and balanced my body.  And I felt fantastic for doing so! (Although, I admit it was ridiculously expensive for me to maintain doing this).

Because VitaDelight falls under Sunrider's Weight Management range, I also switched from using sugar to using their liquid Stevia called SunnyDew and tried the companies Sunbar in both the chocolate and fruit variety.  I'll admit, I love the SunnyDew, but couldn't see the appeal of eating the Sunbar's because the taste was... something to be acquired... but nothing my tastebuds wouldn't get used to.


But, for those of you who have been reading other posts on my Blog will know that one of my goals is to reduce my weight. It was one of the reasons why I tried the VitaDelight in the first place.  I had tried other 'meal replacement' diets, but the results are always only temporary:  as soon as you start eating again - which you will do so eventually - the weight goes piling straight back on. Plus a few extra kilos than when you started.

I started using the VitaDelight as part of making healthy food choices rather than dieting ones; and I am happy to report, that my new health kick using Sunrider products helped me lose ten excess kilos.  Naturally, with a bit more than ten kilos needing to go, I became keen then to try Sunrider's other Weight Management products to help myself along on the slow reducing but mindfully remaining healthy path.

At some point, I discovered that America sells NuPuffs.

NuPuffs are designed by Sunrider to be a replacement for chips and biscuit like snacks.  NuPuffs come packets like chips, and sort of look like popcorn or cheesy balls.  Actually, one IS a cheesy ball, because NuPuffs come in three flavours:  cheese, cocoa and apple cinnamon.

Now, NuPuffs are meant to be a filling snack, to help you eat less and feel full longer.  I found this to be true.

Although expensive for me to order in American dollars and pay higher shipping costs, I placed an order and purchased one box of each flavour from my American supplier. So, all up, I was getting six packets of each flavour, which, if worked as expected, would be oughly a month's supply of healthful snacks. I was impatient waiting for me order to arrive.

I started, like all chocoholics, with the cocoa flavour.  I wasn't able to finish the entire small packet, because they did make me feel full very quickly.  But I wasn't too keen on the chocolate flavour.  So a day or two later, I tried the apple-cinnamon.  Again, I got full, but I disliked the flavour of the apple-cinnamon too (actually, even more than the cocoa).

I just could not finish either of the packets of cocoa or apple-cinnamon NuPuffs that I opened. (They are still sitting there in a sealed container because no one else in my household is going to eat them either.  And I still have the other five packets remaining - do you want them?)

I liked the 'crunch' like you get when you eat non-diet  and non-health friendly chips and biscuits, but I was turned off by the horrible taste (sorry, Sunrider.  I don't know how anyone can say that NuPuffs are yummy!)

I was so turned off from the lack of tastebud compatability, I didn't end up trying the cheese flavour for nearly four months. But I had paid a lot of money to order those products, so trying out the last flavour, I eventually did.  That was last week.

My review of this product is: Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck!

Okay, how can I best describe this so you understand how truly disgusting NuPuffs were for me?  Easy!  Let's visit Harry Potter!

Remember when Dumbledore told Harry that he was turned off eating Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans because he had once tasted a vomit flavoured one?  Well, I am warning you now: I now know exactly how Dumbledore felt!  Because the closest thing that I have come to eating Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans Vomit flavoured beans was me finally trying NuPuff Cheese. Actually, NuPuff Cheese tasted so much like vomit for me, that with my queasy stomach, I went from spitting the disgusting stuff out to really vomitting over the taste.

Like mentioned in my other Sunrider reviews: I love most of Sunrider products, but just not this one (again, sorry, Sunrider, but NuPuffs and my tastebuds just do not match).

Anyone want to try NuPuff for their own self (which you should probably do in case your taste buds do match)?  I have five packets of each flavour that I am more than happy to just giveaway!  You pay the postage, and I will race up to my post office and ship you the packet(s) with my greatest pleasure (and amazement that you would think I'm am as woefully wrong as Humphrey Belcher when he thought the time was right to introduce cheese cauldrons - dammit, you've set me off into Harry Potter mode)..

I'm going to stick to Sunrider's NICE, wonderful-tasting products (when I can afford them again): Calli, Fortune Delight, VitaDelight, Quinary and Evergreen. I really, really, recommend you try these, no hesitation.

On a side note about Sunrider products, over the last month, since I have not been able to afford to keep up my Cleanse, Nourish and Balance consumption, my health has declined.  I'm again feeling sluggish and without the energy and vitality that I had been feeling while I consumed the CNB combo daily.  So, the products do work.

(Just some don't taste so good to me as others. It seems to me that the products Sunrider produce are either absolutely delicious or absolutely disgusting - no 'in between').

Anyway, if you haven't tried NuPuffs and were thinking of doing so (because, well, our tastes in foods could be miles apart): you order them by clicking on the Amazon link, or via a consultant. Email me at char mesan writes at gmail dot com no spaces if you would like help to find one.

But seriously, don't ever offer me a NuPuff!


  1. My friend sells products 'life plus' she say it is much better then sun rider and cheaper. How is it that two excellent products not are available in normalshops?

    1. Hi

      Sunrider is a MLM company (meaning Multi-Level Marketing) like Avon and other 'party plan' type businesses. I suspect Life Plus might be in the same vain. Thanks for the information, I'll check out Life Plus products, and maybe even try them out. (If I do, I'll write a review!)

      Thanks for commenting :-)