Friday, March 15, 2013

Invaluable Writer's Resource

Did you know that J.K Rowling had 'secret' words to alert her (cluey-er readers) that she was about to reveal subtle clues?  No, neither did until well after the seventh book had been published and no longer talked about.

In December 2011, I downloaded one of my first Kindle purchases: A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter by S.P Sipal. I took the risk on purchasing this $4.99 ebook because as a writer I was looking for a useful resource to assist me with my novel writing, and because I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter books - so this ebook combined two of my most favourite things.

And I have always been pleased that I bought it. 

A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter is a workshop on improving your own writing skills and techniques by using some of the 'neat' and 'unique' and 'fun' ways that other authors haven't really used, or they do but haven't handled anywhere near as well as J.K. Rowling.  It doesn't matter what genre the writer is writing for, this ebook is packed with analysis and examples so that you can apply what you have learned within your own stories, your own genre.

Many well established authors tout Steven King's "On Writing" as one of the best resources a writer can have in their writing arsenal, and I fully agree; I purchased it from my local bookstore and benefit from it with each rereading.  But, I have to also say that I personally gain a lot more though out of rereading a Writer's Guide to Harry Potter. Probably because I am so familiar with the Harry Potter books, and admire J.K Rowling's literary accomplishments and find J.K Rowling's writing voice and style so easy to read.

I enjoyed this invaluable writing resource so much, that I did my first ever book review on  With over 500 Kindle book downloads and about fifty print books purchased over the past two years, and having only taken the time to review perhaps a handful (under ten, at least) reviews of my purchases, it is a strong testament to my praise for this resource that compelled me to give credit where credit is due.

Since downloading the ebook, I became a regular reader and occasional commenter on the author's website/blog.

And the good news is, that a Writer's Guide to Harry Potter is finally going to be published in print form, as it has been 'acquired' by Fuzzbom Publishing!

I can't wait for the release date (in Spring, which is probably American seasons, so that makes it Autumn here in Australia, so that means, later this year - around August/September)!  So many times I have wished I could print the ebook out, so I could thumb through pages instead of developing eye-strain from reading from electronic devices.

Anyway, until the print version is released later in 2013, if you want to get a head start on improving your writing skills, then I highly recommend novelists of any genre purchase the very reasonably priced ebook.  There are much higher priced courses and published books out there that provide way less value for money.  You can purchase a Writer's Guide to Harry Potter by clicking the link HERE or the image below:

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