Thursday, March 07, 2013

Just Like Ron Weasley, she is. Or Voldemort?

I should rename my youngest daughter to Ron Weasley at the moment!

In Deathly Hallows, Ron Weasley became grouchy and snappy whenever he got hungry. I think there was probably a bit of tiredness in there too, along with wearing the Horcrux locket around his neck.

Well, my youngest daughter is behaving (uncharacteristically) in a very similar likeness at the moment. She recently started her big adventure to university.  Each day this week, she has had to wake up earlier than the sun, and she is getting back in at home in the evenings around dinner time. After months of lazying her days away waiting between her early sign out from school to commencing her post-school education, sleeping in until lunchtime, staying up socialising to very late hours each week night, the sudden change in routine must be getting to her; last night, oh my goodness, boy did my son and I need to stay out of Miss Bite-Your-Head-Off's way.

I got the death stare for asking her to take her empty poppa-drink carton into the kitchen and throw it into the garbage bag as she forced herself off the lounge after eating to drag herself off to bed for an early night. Earlier, she snapped and grouched waiting for her meal to reheat in the microwave that had my son and me looking at each other in wide-eyed, silent communication pretty much unanimously agreeing that in our own best interests neither of us better utter so much as a single word to this Monster in Waiting, else she might (verbally) unleash her (bitchy) beast on the innocents with nowhere else to flee.

Tonight, I just got in and washed and wiped up after dinner without even so much as one minute subtle hint at suggesting she should grab a tea towel and start wiping up. I feared seeing those beautiful grey-blue eyes suddenly flash red, like Voldemort's!

At this stage, I'm hoping a good decent sleep in on Saturday morning will return the beast that keeps threatening to rear to lie dormant once again.  May she become accustomed to her new early morning schedule sooner rather than later, and the beast possessing her body, mind and spirit be vanquished, permanently..

Wish me luck at getting through the week without being torn to shreds!

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