Friday, March 08, 2013

Inspiration to write can strike when you least expect it

Yesterday morning, I drove my daughter to the train station, and because I had already half gotten ready for work, I found myself with half an hour to spare.

Now for some people, that might cause a problem, having nothing to do, and the dilemma of not wanting to start doing something else in case you run out of time to do it, versus starting it anyway and then having to stop the activity incomplete.  But not for me.

I had had a bad dream the night before, and was still dwelling upon how much the nightmare had upset me when my mind 'distracted' me by providing me with a new novel story idea - and I wasn't even looking for one! So, without any hesitation, I dived into my writing desk chair, fired up my sleeping computer and captured as much of the story idea as I could before I had to leave, else I wouldn't remember the idea by the time I got home in the afternoon because with so much happening at work the idea would float on out of my mind never to return.

I'm not surprised I came up with yet another story idea even though I wasn't consciously trying to think up one: I had been working on an ebook about Story ideas last weekend, so my subconscious mind was probably still trying to help me with another point to add to that ebook on where ideas come from - while you are asleep and dreaming - which I hadn't listed yet.

So yippee, me! Now I have yet another idea for a full book and insufficient time to spend on writing it while I work full time.  I'm starting to wish I was unemployed, like most of my clients, so I can fill my days with working on some of novels and writing ideas.  But, I struggle to live on the money I earn (at times), and just can't make that decision to give up work to pursue my writing dreams. Wish I had enough money to retire! (I'm not old enough).

No, I think the solution for me at the moment is that I just have to keep getting up early to drive my licence-less daughter to the train station, to utilise that glorious half hour each morning to write, write, write.  And, hopefully, I won't have too many days like this morning, where I left five minutes later than I should and was nearly late for work because I kept pushing to get just that little bit more down on paper before I go... I can't afford to miss our morning Buzz meetings: I get a half day off each four weeks because I attend these pre-start time meetings.  Those half-days have been a great time for me to get in some additional writing time.  I want my extra half an hour in the morning, plus half day and weekends!

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