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Product Review: Sunrider VitaDelight

Today I will continue with reviewing Sunrider Herbal products.  So far, I have covered Sunbreeze Essential Oil here, and Sunrider Cleansing Herbal Teas Fortune Delight and Calli tea here.


Sunrider promotes that all of their products are created under their Philosophy of Regeneration, that is, that in order to achieve optimal health one needs to Cleanse, Nourish and Balance the body’s systems. Sunrider hasn’t stated anywhere on their website or within their products literature that I can find which of the three categories Sunbreeze Oil comes under. But, I imagine as a consumer who regularly uses and sings this oil’s praises, that Sunbreeze Oil probably does all three: cleanse, nourish and balance. Which is what makes it so good, and makes it so invaluable to have in your medical cabinet. My little bottle of magic potion (yes, I like writing fantasy).

Fortune Delight and Calli teas are listed under the Herbal Beverages category on the website, and VitaDelight under Weight Management. Whereas Fortune Delight and Calli cleanse your body (at a cellular level not a bowel detoxing one) VitaDelight nourishes the body with a large range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients as Whole Food Nutrition*. (*Whole Food Nutrition, from what I can determine, means that the body recognises the ingredients as a Food compilation, as opposed to a cocktail of chemicals to process and is therefore the better intake).

When I was first researching the merits of Sunrider products between ordering a replacement Sunbreeze Oil and ordering Fortune Delight and Calli tea and other products, I read (somewhere) that by drinking/eating a combination of products that cleanse, nourish and balance the body, each meal provides the equivalent of gaining the vitamins and minerals like that of eating 78 different foods – without all the overeating if you could manage to whip together a meal containing so much nutritional variety.  But, and I do apologise to the original source of that information, I didn’t record the details of the website where I read this (so I can cite for you now the original creator of that detail).  The information was presented as a ‘fact’ that I then retained in my memory – and which I am not claiming as fact; only as my personal belief.

The (minor) trouble I have had with Sunrider products is that some of its instructions for use can be ‘vague’ or ‘non-committed’.  This is definitely the case with the VitaDelight. For example, instructions might be ‘mix with Fortune Delight or Calli, or in a glass of skim milk.’ To me, who wanted to ‘manage my weight’ I would have preferred clear instructions, ‘Mix with 300 ml of Fortune Delight Peach’ rather so many options. But, as I have realised, Sunrider is not another meal replacement company even though that, essentially, is how you are meant to consume this product.

VitaDelight is concentrated herbs crushed into powdered form and comes in two flavours: chocolate (available) and strawberry (not available to purchase directly from Sunrider Australia). After a much ‘trial and error’ I have personally settled upon drinking VitaDelight as a Breakfast Meal replacement on the days I cannot manage to eat breakfast (see my post Overcoming the problem of skipping breakfast here), and having it in a diluted solution of Oat Milk as my favourite. (I have tried it in skim milk, soy milk, almond milk, rice milk and in fortune delight and Calli).

For me, the chocolate flavour, and creamy oat milk are a great combination.  The Oat Milk provides the stable base to manage and sustain my blood sugar levels (like when you eat porridge) and the VitaDelight provides the flavour (I can’t stand the taste of Oat Milk on its own). I gain the benefit of having stabilised blood sugar levels and sustained energy until lunch time (a good thing) at the cost of drinking about 100 calories more than if I had chosen water or a lesser calorie milk base.  But, I also have the small cost of drinking a ‘grainy’ drink rather than a ‘smooth’ one – and I’m used to it now, even though it was a bit ‘strange’ when I first started drinking it like this – because the VitaDelight and Oat Milk take much longer to combine into a smooth chocolate milk type drink. I often add a packet of Quinary (the Sunrider product for balance) so I am gaining the full effect each day of cleansing, nourishing and balancing my body.

Generally a typical day for me goes something like this: If I need something a bit more filling, I either eat a piece of fruit or cut back on how much I dilute the Oat Milk by. (Usually I go 300 ml oat milk, 200 – 250 water, because I like plenty to drink.  On a “I can’t stomach anything day’ I might weaken my drink to 200 – 250 ml oat milk and the rest of my 600 ml (ish) shaker bottle with water, but on a ‘I’m starving day’ I might go as high as 400 ml oat milk and the rest water. If I’m even hungrier than all that, I either eat breakfast that day, or add a piece of fruit like a banana or yoghurt with my liquid meal).

I have been drinking VitaDelight for breakfast since about October 2012.  Unlike protein shake style diet programs where you have to follow a program of drinking a shake for breakfast and lunch and force your body into a state of toxic shock (ketosis) to force weight reduction, I am simply drinking my ‘meal replacement’ on the mornings when I can’t stomach eating food, and am choosing the ‘healthiest option from the choices available to me’ for both lunch and dinners. Generally, I make own lunch and take it to work (I prefer homemade foods to takeaway of any sort, any day); it only takes a few minutes in the morning and has become a part of my morning getting-ready-for-work routine, so my lunch choices are usually a sandwich with sliced deli meat (turkey is my favourite) with some salad ingredients and a yoghurt with fruit as a after sandwich dessert.  Dinner, depends on my family: am I making a ‘single person’ meal, a ‘not everyone’ meal, a ‘everyone in my household me’, or even a ‘everyone plus extra people’ meal.  We eat meat and three vege style meals, meat and vege in sauce over rice or pasta meals, and we make homemade takes of takeaway foods – I much prefer my home made single serve pizza portions to any of the bought stuff.

And, since I have been following this choosing the ‘healthiest option from the choices available to me’ diet, I have lost about ten kilo.  I’d probably lose a bit more if I stuck to my walking schedule more rigidly, but I’m not striving to reach the end goal in the shortest possible timeframe – I’m after permanent weight reduction and best health.

VitaDelight come in a box of 10 large sachets – so at one shake a day, I go through three boxes per month.  But, occasionally, I even have two shakes per day.  Not because I’m trying to force weight loss; on the days I can only stomach highly diluted shakes for breakfast, I tend to find I am not hungry even at lunchtime so the nourishing my body with a fluid-based meal is actually a measure I have adopted to prevent myself from uncontrolled eating once dinner kicks in.

As mentioned above, VitaDelight can be added to Calli or Fortune Delight or plain water or milk depending on your individual preference and tastes.

Once again, this is a product that I highly recommend due to the definite health improvements I have experienced since April 2012.

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