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Product Review: Sunrider Evergreen

Not getting enough vegetables in your diet? 

The beneficial properties of chlorophyll within green vegetables are why we are always being urged by dieticians and health authorities to include vegetables in our diets. 

Sunrider produces a liquid concentrate that has a delightful mild mint flavour. 

Like a lot of people, I simply don’t eat enough green vegetables in my diet, and one day because I read that Evergreen has a pleasant minty flavour, I thought I might try adding this Sunrider product to my ever increasing range.

I added it to a cup of hot peach Fortune Delight (see review here), and absolutely fell in love the combined taste.  I’ve been addicted to Evergreen ever since.

Evergreen is rather expensive, so I treat myself only once or twice a week maximum.  I don’t feel instant effects like I do with say using Sunbreeze Essential Oil (see my product review of this highly valuable oil here) but like I have mentioned in other posts, since I started using Sunrider products from April 2012, my health has improved dramatically.  I have more energy and vitality that had been lacking.

Evergreen comes in a box containing 10 vials.  I think sunlight causes chlorophyll to lose some of its beneficial potency, because the little glass bottles are that dark yellowy-brown and the cardboard box is a thick and sturdy variety. I keep my box of Evergreen in a kitchen cupboard where (I used to) keep all my other teas, coffees and sweeteners but which has now sort of become a Sunrider cupboard instead now.

I have the small quirk of when I use a bottle once it is empty I then return it, upside down, back to where I pulled it out from. I do this so I can immediately determine which bottles are used and which ones I can still use. 

I gain ‘value’ for money by not rinsing the vial out at the time that I pour its contents into my Peach Fortune Delight.  Then, when I have run out of Evergreen, I know I have two (weaker) drinks left to go because I use five of the ten bottles, add water to each, recap and give it a vigorous shake then add each of the vials diluted concentrate to the eleventh and twelfth cups, and it still tastes great!

I always feel more energetic in the days following drinking Evergreen with Peach Fortune Delight.  It is on these increased energy days that I am raring to jump on the treadmill and go for a twenty to thirty minute walk, and often up the pace and incline more than normal.

For ten bottles of Evergreen it costs about forty five Australian dollars, which is rather expensive when you live on a tight budget; but, it works out to about four dollars fifty cents (Australian) per cup.  I figure, I don’t buy a takeaway coffee on my way to work like a lot of my colleagues do, but the costs are about the same – so all I’m doing is paying for my ‘treat’ beverage once a week instead of once a day.  And, I’m spending it on giving my body foods and drinks that are far more beneficial than not.  Now that I’m not running on false highs gained from cigarettes and coffee drinking, I can now feel the real energy gained from having consumed my Sunrider health products and home-cooked ‘healthiest option from what is available to me’.

IF Evergreen was cheaper, I would drink it more frequently. I recommend you trying Evergreen if you are looking to boost the equivalency of eating green leafy vegetables, and encourage anyone who is not meeting eating their green vegetable requirements to purchase this concentrated booster into their diet as soon as possible.

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