Sunday, January 20, 2013

Short Story

I just wrote a short story that I'm happy to share.  It's not perfect, and I only wrote it over the last hour, but I hope you enjoy!

A twist in the tale story

Night Victims

The young attractive blonde, wearing her bust-enhancing, leg-revealing silver dance dress and matching six inch heels, poked her head out of the train carriage as the train doors opened to glance up and down the platform, checking to ensure it was deserted. The well lit station, so often packed to maximum capacity during daylight hours, was silent and movement less at this late night hour.

She stepped down from the middle carriage which housed the rail guard, and double-checked back into the carriage to ascertain that the two rowdy young men in their hood jackets had remained seated and weren’t going to continue their leering harassment that she had endured the entire trip from the city to the outer suburbs. The overweight guard, also checking along the platform to the front and rear of the carriages, smiled and gave her a brief nod. He delayed sounding the bell once she had safely cleared the gap and crossed the yellow safety line as he watched and appreciated her scanty attire, she knew this, because she could feel his prolonged gaze watching her every movement. She was sure he too was undressing her with in his mind and was enjoying impure thoughts of how he craved to touch and violate her body. Most men did; especially the ones with lesser morals and integrity.

Head down, and her nipples erecting and her skin shivering against the crispness of the night air after the comfortingly warm and stuffy carriage, she hurriedly made her way before the doors of the train even started to close towards the stairs leading to the overpass, the stiletto heels clicking amplified in this dead silence. Her red sporty Celica and a van parked in the spot next to it on the driver’s side were the only two vehicles remaining in the commuter parking lot, and she held her keys in her hand in readiness to arrive at a place of safety.

Behind her, the guard’s bell finally sounded as she climbed the stairs, and she turned her head to spy the carriage doors closing and then the train build up speed as it coasted towards the last stop of its hour-long journey to the end of the Western line. Once the train was disappearing down the line behind her, that is when she heard double-footsteps following her, and panic set it.

She quickened her pace as she rushed along the overpass, but so did the footsteps behind her quicken their paces in response. She turned to gain a look at who was following her as she travelled down the wide stairs.  She couldn’t go any faster in these damn heels, or else she could lose her balance and descend awkwardly and painfully in a flailing of arms and legs.  Two burly men, their faces hidden beneath their hoods, were definitely following her. But they weren’t the two men from the train.  These two had been come from a dark recess on the overpass. She was alone and without any assistance.

“Hey, sexy,” one of them called a short distance behind her, “why don’t you show us your tits?”

He and his mate laughed, before the other added, “how about you wrap that gorgeous mouth of yours around my cock.”

Her heart beating faster, as soon as she hit ground level, she almost ran across the bitumen lot for her car.  The two men were closing the gap between them and her, and their ill intentions clearly showed how foolish she had been to travel alone at such a late hour.  They, with their strong builds and masculine strength, could overpower her with ease, and she struggled to get inside her car before they could bail her up or drag her into the bushes where she would be a goner.  It was clear, she was about to become their next victim. One of them was carrying a crowbar. The strong smell of bourbon was reaching her nostrils.

They reached her just as she turned the key in the door lock. The larger guy removed the keys from her hand and grabbed her firmly at the base of her neck. She heard the van side door slide open, and the man holding her pushed her inside after the other who had already climbed in. Before she could muster any resistance, she was on her back, her legs were being forced apart, body weight was pinning her down, and she was plunged into darkness when the door was slammed closed.

She didn’t know how long she was in the van for, but when she stepped out her ordeal over with, she tugged her skirt back down to regain her modesty. She picked up her keys and opened her car door to sit down. Hands trembling with the nights’ events, she startled when the passenger door opened, and an older woman, immensely sexy for her age, climbed in.

“So, Sandrine,” she said with a beaming smile on her face, “You’ll be pleased to learn you have successfully passed tonight’s assessment with full marks.”

The young woman beamed. “Thank you.  It was easy, really.”

The older woman leant forward and wiped a trickle of blood from the corner of the younger woman’s mouth with the padding of her long painted nail fingers.

“Those sleazy males fall for it every time,” the young woman said.

“Yes,” replied the matriarch vampire. “Short skirts and cleavage on show are perfect lures for getting your meals. They’ve been waiting for you for the last three hours. Your acting is to be commended; I bet they never saw your attack on them coming.”

Sandrine laughed. “No. And,” Sandrine said, nodding her head towards the white van, from which there was no movement, “there’s still plenty blood left so the others can have a meal tonight as well.”

“I think I will have you teach young Ivory tomorrow night.”

“It would be my pleasure,” Sandrine said, revving the Celica into life. “I think I will stay in the city though. There’ll be a larger range to choose from if we do it in the city.”

The End

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