Monday, January 28, 2013

Resolutions updates

This weekend, I have packed a lot into my Australia Day long weekend. Everything except finding time to work on my novel.

But, I'm not calling the weekend a loss: I have been ruthlessly clearing out the clutter that had accumulated in my study rendering it impossible to enter the room. I've filled about ten garbage bags so, and have a long way left to go, but once I get this larger than expected job out of the way, I am going to have room to sit down and write until I get my manuscript and planned blog posts completed. 

On the weight loss front, I am happy with having lost only half a kilo over the last two week's.  I haven't succeeded in going for an evening walk or treadmill workout as many times as I'd have liked, but I have been sticking to choosing the healthiest option for whatever is available for meals. 

This could be where I've gained the extra energy to tackle the cleaning out of the study which I have wanted to do for quite sometime but have been putting off in favour of rest, relaxation and time out from work each weekend.

On the work front, I'm still keeping my eye out for another job, but happy to remain selective about what I apply for.

How are you tracking towards your goals and resolutions set for 2013?  Still sticking in there?

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