Saturday, July 26, 2014

Capturing Ideas, while they strike

As a writer, I always take a pen and small notebook with me in my handbag wherever I go. I have pens and paper within easy reach in various parts of my house too, like my coffee, dining and bedside tables; so I am always able to jot down ideas and or take notes when those ideas come to me. I have a smart phone that has a voice recorder on it, which I put to good, frequent use too; in the middle of the night, I can get back to sleep so much quicker if I just sleepily voice record my idea with my eyes shut rather than having to wake up and turn the light on to write the idea down.

But, my real claim to being 'strange' or 'a writer' is that in my kitchen I have two magnetic whiteboards adhered to my fridge, and marking pens close by on the bench next to the fridge. That way, I don't have to waste precious time to dry or clean my hands when an idea strikes while I'm washing up, or am cooking. 

When I first got those (free-gift) whiteboards a few years ago (almost the size of an A4 sheet of paper, from my local doctors and an expo), the kids and I used to just create our shopping list, and or write important messages to each other in case we missed each other because we all seemed to be on 'different shifts'.  Now, as it is mostly only my Bubbygirl and I at home (and we just send each other free SMS or Facebook messages), we still use the topmost whiteboard to write up our shopping list... and the spare whiteboard didn't get much of a work out, until I started writing again.

Now, I am amazed at how often great ideas and sentences come to me while I am washing up the dishes (I'll get around to fixing the dishwasher, one day!)

... Actually, I'm in the middle of a current writing project... and I'm wondering where I can get another magnetic whiteboard! My handwriting is quite large, and there isn't always enough room to write down everything. 

As soon as I find another one, I'll just have to go and dirty up a few more mugs and some dishes so I can give it a decent workout...

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