Sunday, January 26, 2014

You Tube to my rescue!

On Friday night I discovered that my home television allows me to watch You Tube videos - I'm not sure if one of my tech savvy children added the television to our broadband internet or whether now that Sydney has gone 'fully digital' this is part of it, but either way I have a feeling I am going to spend a lot more 'television watching' time over at the You Tube videos than the television stations.

Friday night, and Saturday evening I learned new blogging skills: I downloaded a few social media buttons a number of weeks ago and finally with the help of one of the You Tube videos guided me as I added them to my Char Mesan Job Training blog. For someone 'old' I'm slowly catching up to being as tech savvy as they are - and my business blog is starting to look and feel more the way I imagined it would be!

MayYou Tube always be around to help save the day :-)

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