Sunday, December 01, 2013

NaNoWriMo: Final Word Count result

I got off to a great start for NaNoWriMo - around 16,000 written over the first fifteen days - but then I faltered.

I got distracted from adding to my word count when I spent four days making a story collage to help me get the storyline straight in my head.  And then my daughter moved overseas, and I lost a few days, helping her with final preparations, taking her to the airport, and then bawling my eyes out over her having gone (the loss and the pride).

But, I am pleased, that I successfully now have a final word count of 23, 908 words!  That's the first three or four chapters done.  Trying really hard not to bore (eventual) readers with too much backstory or scene set up, I've laid down the basics: I'm only a hundred or so words away from writing 'the inciting incident' that really gets the story kicking at a slightly higher level.

Next year, I think I might try officially enrolling in NaNo.

I've had great fun being lost in my story world, conversing with my characters and discovering the things sometimes mere seconds before they discover it.

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