Friday, December 13, 2013

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers under $40

Christmas is fast approaching.  Not sure what gift to buy a writer?  Well,  why not check out some of these unique, writer-focused items? 

The following gift ideas suit all budgets, as items range in price from as little as $7 up to $40, so I'm sure you might find something suitable.

1. Thoth Candle Holder 
In mythology, Thoth is accredited as being the God of Wisdom, Writing and Invention, so this candle holder is perfect as a desk-weight and candle holder for the busy, dedicated writer / novelist.

2. Warning Sign
This one is more for the family and friends of a novelist hard at work to caution against interrupting the Writer while their Muse is present. I WANT one of these for my office!

Let's face it, writer's need to know a lot of words in order to be successful. So what better gift than to give a writer a book with no-so-common words that might be just what the writer is after!  I know, I love websites that list unusual words, and have occasionally come across a word that has been just what I needed!

It seems that a lot of writer's love to drink alcohol as they write their manuscripts, because of the advice to 'write drunk, edit sober' gaining plenty of comments to the effect that the person can't stop drinking long enough to edit.  So if this is true - I know I don't mind writing with a glass of wine to sip on! - then your writer family member or friend is sure to love this little book.

This book is a serious gift.  Many writer's seem to become stuck for ideas and how to develop them - I know I have!  Even more aspiring novelist never start writing the book they would love to write simply because they don't know how or where to start.  This gift idea becomes a highly treasured writer's resource!  You could end up with the next J.K. Rowling, Dan Brown, Stefanie Meyer, Anne Rice, or Stephen King on your hands, all because you got the person writing!

Writer's spend a lot of time honing their writing skills and go through many, many notebooks.  Why not buy your writer family member or friend a notebook which they will really treasure!  My own children bought me something similar, and although it is now filled, it is still my favourite.

When writing a novel, the novelist needs to create unique characters.  Why not have a bit of fun with this Identikit software and make different characters?

Another serious writing resource for the writer's of all levels - amateurs through to professional. The Writer's Devotional contains inspiring motivations, ideas and writing exercises to get the Muse not just visiting, but staying around.  I've let my children know that if they are stuck for what to buy me as a gift, I would be more than happy to receive this!

Writing Inspiration is so important that I would also be happy to receive this writing resource as well. A writer can never have enough good resources to help keep them on track with their writing goals!

More writing inspiration and exercises to get the writer going.

One of the greatest challenges for many writer's is getting all the different ideas in their head to turn into a chronological storyline with all the right suspense, tension and conflict while ensuring the reader doesn't fall into a dirty big plot hole or suffer from a drooping middle.  Novel software can really help. 

Finally, no writer should ever be without a pen to write with, EVER! But not just any old pen though; it has to be easy to write with, so good grip and free-flowing ink are a must!

So there you have it. Twelve ideas, and only twelve days left until Christmas.

Have a lovely Christmas!


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