Saturday, September 28, 2013

Life spins

Life has been spinning me in a new direction.

When I resigned from my last employer feeling exhausted and burnt out, I didn't have another job to go to.  I wanted to head off on the path of training and assessing and pursuing my writing ambitions,, and to achieve this I enrolled in a bridging course to upgrade my training and assessment qualifications to the latest requirements, and registered a business name and commenced offering typing, training and resume writing services to people who wanted my services.

Then, when I least expected it, I gained a short term contract to 'fix up' the paperwork of an individual, which has led - quite strangely - to me last night having enrolled in Certificate of Registration course so I can gain on-going work for my business doing the accounts for a Real Estate Agency.

Being unemployed - even temporarily - was supposed to have given me with plenty of time with 'nothing to do' that I could use to sit down and work on my manuscript. Instead, 'unemployment' has caused me to become the busiest I have ever been gaining a day's work here and there, and running around doing the necessary things to get my business off to the great start it has seen.

So, just as all that was starting to 'settle down' and I would finally have gained the odd day or two of the desired 'nothing to do' I now have assignments and quizzes and lots of studying to do to enable me to finish the self-paced course quickly.

So, once again, I am all quite on the blogging and writing front - but I will pop by with a post or two when I can.

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