Saturday, September 07, 2013

I am such a Harry Potter nerd!

My baby girl (soon to turn 19) was bored while waiting to driver herself off to work today, and being in a super chatty mood having just returned from having spent nearly a month away house sitting caught me up to date on 'everything' that's been happening in her life that she hasn't already told me about.

To pass the time, she asked if I would like to play a game of 'Head's Up' (or, more accurately a similar app to Head's Up).  She knew I watch the Ellen Degeneres show sometimes and that I knew about the app, and even though I did have plenty of things I could have been doing instead, figured taking half hour out of my busy day isn't going to hurt me.

The first few games were fun, but nothing spectacular, and then babygirl found the category Harry Potter and she 'had' to have a game before she left. She held her phone to her head, I called out clues without giving it away and she tried to guess the answer. I shouted out things like "He is the main character!" and she guessed "Harry Potter", "the spell that Lupin tells Harry not to let become his signature spell" and she (correctly) guessed "Expelliarmus!"  That type of thing.

But our real fun began when we swapped 'goes' - with HER giving ME the clues, and my having to guess.  I got things like "damn, I forgot what this spell does - so just pass and we'll go to the next one".

I correctly answered every clue given to me, but received less clues than instructions to pass so we could move onto the next one - which caused us both to get a fit of the giggles.

It got closer and closer to baby girl having to leave to go to work, but she kept on insisting on playing 'one more game' because 1. we were having so much fun, laughing and giggling and trying to beat the clock, and 2. because she had to try super hard to be able to give me each clue so I could try to guess the answer.

So, even though we have both read the series many, many times, this morning I proved once and for that I am the biggest Harry Potter nerd than she is - so I'll wear this Title with pride :-)

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