Sunday, June 16, 2013

Magically Yours

Today I applied for a job with a business in the building industry which had the word 'Magic' as part of the business name.

Now, I know I am a professional Employment Consultant and that in doing what I just did I have probably just broken every good rule in how to apply for a job, but because I have always been inspired by magic in this application I went a bit 'whimsical': In my cover letter I wrote "I would love to cast my office administration spell"  and later signed off as "Magically Yours" instead of "Yours faithfully."

And you know what, I don't care that I broke the rules:  I'm hoping that by showing my lighter side, and connecting with their business name I have set myself apart in a good way -- though I am aware that I could also have come off as being a bit of a nut case too.

I'll let you know if my being magically inspired to apply for the job with a magical name turns out to grant the first of a possible three wishes situation: to get an invitation to attend an interview.

I'm hoping that this role is 'meant to be.' Wish me luck!

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