Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Writing when you can

I had to wake up before the birds this morning to drive my still licence-less youngest daughter to the train station.  She is going on a four day, three night excursion and had to be at the uni at her normal wake up time, hence the supreme early rising.

I haven't had reason to wake up at 5am in order to get her to the station on time in years.  Actually, I am more of a night owl than an early bird, so although there are times when I have been up at this hour, it is usually with me yawning and finally ready to head off for bed rather than yawning and stretching in an effort to shake myself awake before I am ready. I'd forgotten just how many people are awake at this time and heading to work.  It felt weird to be driving with headlights on, because even though dawn is approaching, it still won't make its impact for at least another hour yet.

And, this morning really highlighted that we are headed for winter.  The windows of my car were all fogged up, and I needed to warm the engine up first before heading off, just to allow the demister an opportunity to work.

So, given that I am now back home and have an entire hour and a half back at home before I have to start getting ready for my first day back at work (which I really don't want to be doing), rather than jump back into bed and try to punch out a few more Zzzz's before my alarm goes off, I figured, I could use this time wisely to add perhaps a few hundred words to my fantasy novel manuscript and or write up today's blog post for my 30 day blog writing challenge.

I'm still yawning, and now have a piping-hot cup of coffee close by, but the brain does seem to be kicking in without too much stimulant. As much as I am pleased by my decision to utilise this precious writing time, and starting to wish I had been lazy and headed back to bed: I'm going to regret not taking this 'rest' opportunity while I could.  The yawning is only increasing in frequency, what am I going to be like at the end of my day?

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