Monday, April 01, 2013

Stepping onto the bridge

Today is the first day - Happy April Fool's Day by the way - of the 30 day blogging challenge I signed up to.

For the next thirty days, my challenge is to publish thirty blog posts.  They don't have to be published daily - a person can cheat and write posts ahead of time and then schedule them to appear daily if they like.  But I'm just going to try to publish thirty blog posts during this time, whether those posts be short or long in content.

My biggest challenge right from the get go will be working around the constant interruptions I get being a mother: for example, as I was halfway through writing this post, the daughter that does not live at home phoned to ask if I could come and pick her up - she just had a fight with her boyfriend.  She is a bit of a hot head, so this is her way of putting distance between them so she doesn't fly off into a rage where she will later regret something she says or does.  (Great work, she is maturing!)

Another huge challenge for me will be that I want to still make progress with writing my novel.  I've decided on which one I am going to focus on, and I am going to develop and write it - and hopefully ignore any ideas or thoughts that may arise in relation to other story ideas I have, so it doesn't distract me from reaching completion.

So, it appears I am not going to have much 'external' life for much of this year, if I stick to the plan.  But, I guess, I will really be able to tell if I am serious or not about my writing aspirations if I can achieve the huge juggling act ahead of me and cross that bridge to successful completion rather than falling into the pit of un-realised dreams.

Anyway, with a new title to spur me on, while Miss Hiding Out is cooking out her anger and frustrations in my kitchen now that she is all ranted out, I am going to get cracking on Chapter One of a overhaul-revised storyline of the fantasy story I most want to see published first.

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