Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Recipe: Char's Pie

Feeling adventurous, I cooked my mum a pie creation for dinner last night, which included a lot of our favourite foods (I'm taking advantage of being away from my food-fussy children to enjoy all my healthy 'likes').

Anyway, it tasted delicious, so it is going to become a new favourite of mine from now on:

I'm going to call it "Char's Pie"

To make...
You will need
Pie base: Shortcrust pastry
Pie filling: baby spinach leaves, baby roma tomatoes, beetroot, bacon, onion, garlic, egg, cream and topped with Feta cheese.

Cooking went sort of like this...
1. Boil beetroot in water until cooked (approximately one hour).  Allow to cool then peel and chop into cubes. Set aside.
2. Defrost pastry and drap over pie dish.
3. Chop baby spinach leaves and sprinkle over the base.
4. Chop baby roma tomatoes and sprinkle over the spinach.
5. Add cooled beetroot.

6. In saucepan, cook chopped bacon pieces, diced onion and tablespoon of crushed garlic.  Stir until cooked.  Drain in paper towel to remove excess oil/greasiness.   Sprinkle in pie dish.

7. Crack six eggs in a bowl and whisk.  Add thickened cream.
8. Chop and sprinkle feta cheese over the top.

9. Bake in oven until cooked.

The beetroot and tomatoes give it a nice sweetness.  The feta, bacon and onion give it a nice 'crumbly crunch'.

Tasted great eaten hot and cold.

Update  27/3
Look, left overs the next day!
(Char's Pie, satay chicken tenders, fresh chilled beetroot, avocado, mint in greek yoghurt, kiwi berries and blackberry). Very filling, and lots of taste!

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