Monday, March 11, 2013

Oops, this is not my car!

A funny thing happened tonight when I picked my youngest daughter up from the train station...

My daughter messaged me to let me know what time she would get in and because I pretty much would have walked in the door at home only to have to immediately depart again, I headed straight for the train station.  I parked in one of the pick up bays, and settled in to wait the half hour wait until my daughter's train arrived. I changed my glasses from the ones I use for driving to the ones I use for reading, and settled to reading my emails and Kindle to pass the time away.

Right on time, I watched as my daughter's train arrived, and now just needed to wait for her to exit the station and walk up to the pick up bay, and we could soon be on our way.

In preparation for her imminent opening of the passenger car door, I turned off my mobile and switched my glasses back so that the moment she jumped into the car, I could start the car up and drive off, before all the passengers heading for their own cars resulted in me having to wait until they had all left before I could pull out - 'cause everyone is in a hurry to get home and never lets people in.

Just as I snapped my glasses case back shut, and returned it to my handbag, the car door opened.  But, instead of my daughter greeting me, a stranger looked at me, then in a horrified voice said, "This is not my car. It looks exactly like it, but this is NOT my car."  He hastily muttered an apology and retreated and closed the door.  And then, he disappeared!

Seconds later, the car door opened again.  This time, it was my youngest daughter, who as soon as she sat down and closed the door burst out laughing.  "So," she said with a mischievous grin. "Picking up strange men?"

With that we both burst out laughing, and I asked if she saw where the man disappeared to.  She said he darted across the road and out of sight to hide in the adjacent multi-level car park because his mistaken had been witnessed by so many other commuters.

I hope the poor gentleman was able to recover from his embarrassment to see how funny it was.  Yes, my car is not the only one of its kind.  I'm thinking - as the advertisement goes: "Someone needs to visit SpecSavers!"

Anyway, it gave my daughter and I something to chuckle about for the drive home.

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