Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Messages on Whiteboards

The other week I bought a whiteboard for my study to help my organise my writing projects, particularly now that I had just started this blog and was looking for a convenient way to write down post ideas.

Since that purchase, seeing as my study is often commandeered by two of my three children for their course studying requirements, I have been finding random messages being left for me - my children think they are funny - you know, 'I was here' nd that sort of thing.

Well, today I came home to find my daughter who doesn't live at home any more has been to visit (use my computer), and she left me a message that made me smile: under "Ebook ideas" she has written '[her name]'s Crazy Personality'.

Yes, middle child. I most definitely could write a series of books on the things you say and do.  I could 'novelise' pretty much most of your life since you were born, you've provided me with a lot of juicy material to include in comedy, romance, suspense and horror scenes.

Hmmm, have I just struck upon yet another fantastic story (or scene) writing idea?

I'd go on to sell millions, I'm sure!

Nahh, as interesting as writing about your crAzy personality would be, I'm not going to do it.  I don't want to share the riches I would make with you... so if you are reading this, daughter-dear ...


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