Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ego-friendly day for the Lucky Charm

Compliments.  We all love to receive them, and we probably don't give them often enough.

Today, the new Manager who started at work on Wednesday, made a comment as I was cleaning up the jobsearch room that I didn't hear properly.  As I went to ask him to repeat himself, I realised, that although Head Office had introduced the man as our new Performance Manager, I hadn't caught his name, so I was left awkwardly trying to ask him to repeat himself without making myself seem rude in how I asked this.

He was a bit of a mumbler, so even though he repeated himself, I think he worked out immediately that I still hadn't understood what he had said, so he came closer in order say it so I could hear him this time.  This lead us to having a conversation.

Because this new manager was sitting on the other side of the building to where my office is located, and he didn't really have any reason to head over to my side, although the other side staff were all getting to know what the new manager is going to be like, our side are still at the stage where we can only speculate based on the snippets of comments he has given us.

Without caring, I joked, "Well, aren't you are rude one for not coming over and introducing yourself a bit more thoroughly so our side of the building can put you through the third degree?"  And he immediately laughed, agreed and apologised for his rudeness.  Equally joking, he asked me, "So would you care to interrogate me know, so you can report back to the other side?"  I laughed, agreed and led the way to a vacant office, much to his surprised amusement.

Anyway, during the conversation, he introduced himself by name, and gave me a (not so brief) snapshot of his (colourful) career leading up to his coming to work for our company.  Half a hour later, when I was up to speed, I was finally able to do more than just nod and say, "Uh huh" (to show my interest in what he was saying) when he paused briefly mid-sentence to take a breath before continuing. So, now that he was finished, I said, "Well, my name is Char--" and he interrupted to say he was already well-aware of my name and position. I was a bit taken aback (seeing as we had not been properly introduced, but I guess the other side had had cause to mention who I am and what I do so I shouldn't have been as taken aback as I was).

I couldn't help myself, I said, "Ahh, so my reputation precedes me."  And here I received the best compliment I have gotten in a while, when he replied immediately, "And so it should when it is so glowing and favourable."  This shocked me.  I had to ask, "So who's saying nice things about me?"  I really had to know.  And he smiled, and replied, "Everyone in the company.  The CEO, the HR Manager, the Site Manager, all of the staff on the other side of the building.  They all have said that you not only have the best client engagement the company has ever known, you are also the most efficient worker and friendliest and most helpful staff member they have ever had too. Pretty much, they tell me that they have nicknamed you Lucky Charm because they feel they scored well by getting to have you on the team."

Wow, wow, wow.

I sort of felt like a bitch for my 'joke' in telling he was rude for not introducing himself, because as we all know, there is often an element of truth in those sort of jokes - the laughter and smiling is given to lessen the blow of what the person really feels the need to say.  But, gee it was nice to get such nice feedback about how my fellow colleagues see me.  I mean, I have always known that I try hard to do a good job, work efficiently and be nice to people, so it quite ego-friendly to hear that other people see this side of me as well.

And my team mates have been calling my Lucky Charm, Princess Charming, and (strangely enough) Charmunda since I started.

So, I've had a very lovely, ego-friendly afternoon, which carried well into my evening.  I hope you all are on the receiving end of your own beautiful compliment by the people in your circle by the day's end!

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