Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reformed Smoker rant

On my way home from work this evening, knowing my LAHK's (Living at home kids) will be getting after me, I decided to take the opportunity to catch up doing my grocery shopping now that it has reached desperation-status.

While I was at the checkout still packing the last of my bagged items back into the shopping trolley, I overheard the lady after me as the Checkout Chick to please scan items on an 'item-by-item basis as I hand them to you - because I only have $109 to buy my groceries'.

I immediately felt really bad for the woman with two kids, as she carefully selected staples and essential items from her trolley, and with a deep breath first, started letting the Checkout Chick start to scan the items.

My heart went out to her. I'd hate to be that struggling that I can't buy even all the necessities on my shopping list.  I was paying by card, but still had twenty dollars in my purse, and I came with a hair's breath of handing her that twenty dollars (my own horrible financial fortnight over, and next payday now received).

What stopped me?

I had taken my purse out, and even had the money in my fingers, and mind was made up - then I saw that she had just purchased three cartons of cigarettes, and these were poking from her handbag.. Three cartons!

What stopped me being randomly generous without any expectation of anything in return, was those cigarette's.

Now, I used to smoke, but when my finances became so tight that I struggled to purchase all my essentials about seven to eight years ago now, I quit smoking immediately (and I've never taken it back up, or even desired to have a cigarette since). Unlike a few other former smokers, I didn't then start telling my still smoking friends 'you should give up' etc like I had 'endured' when other reformed smokers decided to recruit me to the 'other side', and I don't mean to start telling smokers how to live their lives now either...

BUT, lady: quit smoking!

Don't put much needed food items back on the grocery shelf.  You are wasting money unnecessarily when that money could be spent on essentials and desirables for your children and your own self, instead of your current indulging on your own want (smoking) over need (food for you and your children).

I came  |.| this close to giving you my hard earned money today because I related to you struggling financially, and how embarrassing and hard it must be for you and your children, until I realised, I am NOT responsible for the decisions you make.  You chose cigarettes, so I chose to keep my money (sorry to your innocent children).

So, because I was already going to donate that twenty dollars, I have already now given it to someone else who I KNOW is financially hard up and not making selfish, poor decisions.  (I hope my jobseeker likes the little anonymous bonus he will find in his letterbox when the mailman arrives in a few days).

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