Saturday, February 02, 2013

Build-a-Story Fun Word Game

Let's have some fun! You are invited to help me build-a-story, no matter how ridiculous it becomes.

You're up for it?  Great!

I am going write the starting sentence, and all you need to do is build upon the story from where the last person finishes off.

A couple of rules though:

* Let's keep it nice and 'G' rated
* You can only add ONE sentence and then you have to wait for at least three other people before you can have another turn.  I, on the other hand, can jump in whenever I like to spin things in a whole new direction!
* We are all limited to using only the following characters: Jenny Beardsley, Madeira Crofts, Nigel Crofts and Hanson McLeaugh.
* The setting and genre will reveal itself as we go along.

So, are you up for this?

I'm ready to start, so here goes...

Under a blaring sun, Nigel Crofts jogged along the water's edge, ensuring he didn't get his bare feet wet.

Now it's YOUR turn.

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